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Sunday Sermon Archive

Welcome to the Venture Christian Church weekly sermon archive. Miss a Sunday? Want to share a particular sermon with a friend? Each week we post the message here for playback, download and sharing.

Sermon Uploads







09/23/2012 Psalm 23 Surely Goodness Will Follow Psalm 23:6a Guy Fox
09/16/2012 Psalm 23 My Cup Overflows Psalm 23:5b Guy Fox
09/09/2012 Psalm 23 You Prepare a Table Psalm 23:5a Guy Fox
8/26/2012 Psalm 23 He Guides Me Psalm 23:2 Guy Fox
8/19/2012 Psalm 23 A Life at Rest Psalm 23:1 Guy Fox
7/29/2012 Revelation Heaven - Our Forever Home Revelation 21 Guy Fox
7/22/2012 Revelation God Wins - Keeping the End in Sight Revelation 19-20 Jeff Paschall
7/15/2012 Revelation Worship the Way You Always Wanted Revelation 19 Guy Fox
7/8/2012 Revelation Babylon - Man's Monument to Himself Revelation 17-18 Guy Fox
7/1/2012 Revelation The Bowls of Wrath Revelation 16 Steve Solorzano
6/24/2012 Revelation Crossing the Line (*baptisms) Revelation 14 Guy Fox
6/10/2012 Revelation When Truth is Bittersweet Revelation 10-11 Guy Fox
6/3/2012 Revelation Is Repentance Out of Reach? Revelation 8-9 Jeff Paschall
5/27/2012 Revelation The Great Multitude in Heaven Revelation 7 Guy Fox
5/20/2012 Revelation Opening the Seals Revelation 6 Guy Fox
5/13/2012 Revelation The Rapture - A Virtual Certainty Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
4/29/2012 Revelation Worship in the Throne Room Revelation 4 Guy Fox
4/22/2012 Revelation Becoming an Overcomer Revelation 2-3 Guy Fox
4/15/2012 Revelation Laodicea the Lukewarm Revelation 3:14-20 Guy Fox
4/8/2012 Easter Sunday Everything He Touches He Changes Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
4/1/2012 Revelation Philadelphia - The Discouraged Revelation 3:7-13 Guy Fox
3/25/2012 Revelation Sardis - The Lifeless Church Revelation 3:1-6 Jeff Paschall
3/18/2012 Revelation Thyatira - The Sin-Tolerant Church Revelation 2:18-28 Guy Fox
3/11/2012 Revelation Pergamum - The Compromising Church Revelation 2:12-17 Jeff Paschall
02/26/2012 Revelation Ephesus - A Church Without Passion Revelation 2:1-7 Guy Fox
   2/19 Sunday PM Defining "The Day of the Lord" - part2 Selected Steve Solorzano
   2/19 Sunday PM Defining "The Day of the Lord" - part1 Selected Steve Solorzano
02/19/2012 Revelation Jesus As You Never Knew Him Revelation 1 Guy Fox
   2/18 Marriage Seminar Session 2
Elaine Wilkins
   2/17 Marriage Seminar Session 1
Elaine Wilkins
02/12/2012 Revelation A Book and a Blessing Revelation 1 Guy Fox
01/29/2012 Spending Life The Leverage of Loot Luke 16:1-12 Jeff Paschall
1/22/2012 Venture Church Vision ENGAGE Matthew 24:15 Guy Fox
01/15/2012 Venture Church Vision EXPERIENCE Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
01/08/2012 Venture Church Vision ENCOUNTER 1 Kings 19:1-5 Guy Fox
01/01/2012 Deciding Who To Be Ending Spiritual Schizophrenia Ephesians 2:10 Jeff Paschall

Encounter Christmas
Encounter Christmas
Wise Men Still Seek Him
The Search For A King
Mattherw 2:1-11
Mattherw 2:1-11
Guy Fox
Jeff Paschall
12/18/2011 Encounter Christmas The Shepherd's Response Luke 2:8-20 Guy Fox
11/27/2011 Encounter Christmas Is Jesus Special? Galatians 1:1-5 Jeff Paschall
11/20/2011 Contagious Christianity No Excuses Matthew 18 Guy Fox
11/13/2011 Contagious Christianity Peace Beyond Understanding Selected Guy Fox
11/6/2011 Contagious Christianity Contagious Love Matthew 13:44-46 Guy Fox
10/16/2011 Contagious Christianity Contagious Relationships Selected Guy Fox
10/09/2011 Contagious Christianity Contagious Heart Selected Guy Fox
10/02/2011 Contagious Christianity Contagious Faith 2 Kings 6-7 Guy Fox
09/11/2011 Contagious Christianity Establising Integrity Selected Guy Fox
09/04/2011 Contagious Christianity Determining Your Impact Matthew 5:13-16 Jeff Paschall
08/14/2011 Minor Prophets  Return To Me Malachi Guy Fox
07/31/2011 Minor Prophets A Lion Roars Amos Jeff Paschall
07/24/2011 Minor Prophets The One That Didn't Get Away Jonah Jeff Paschall
07/17/2011 Minor Prophets  God's House First  Haggai  Guy Fox 
07/10/2011  Minor Prophets  A Look at Micah  Micah  Steve Solorzano 
07/03/2011 Minor Prophets Don't Be a Gomer Hosea Guy Fox
06/26/2011  Acts  The Power of Praise  Acts 16:16-31  Guy Fox 
06/12/2011 Acts Don't Give Up Acts 15:36-41 Guy Fox
06/05/2011  Acts  World Vision  Acts 13:2-3  Guy Fox 
05/29/2011 Acts The Power of Praying Acts 12:1-24 Guy Fox
 05/22/2011 Acts  A Heart For All People  Acts 10:1-48  Jeff Paschall 
05/15/2011 Acts The Breaking Point Acts 9:1-6 Guy Fox
05/08/2011  Acts  The God Who Seeks Us  Acts 8:1-40  Jeff Paschall 
05/01/2011 Acts The Power of Conviction Acts 6:1-7:60 Guy Fox
04/24/2011 Easter Two Very Significant Words Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
04/17/2011  Acts  The Power of Obedience  Acts 5:17-42  Guy Fox
04/10/2011 Acts The Power of Giving Acts 4:32-37 Guy Fox
04/03/2011 Acts The Power of Prayer Acts 4:23-31 Guy Fox
03/20/2011 Acts Programs vs. Priorities Acts 2:42-47 Jeff Paschall
03/13/2011 Acts The Purpose of Dunking Acts 2:38-41 Guy Fox
03/06/2011 Acts Praying for a Promise Acts 1:12-2:36 Jeff Paschall
02/27/2011 Acts Living in Anticipation Acts 1:1-11 Guy Fox
02/20/2011 Better Together Praying Together Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
02/13/2011 Better Together Reaching Out Together Selected Scriptures Guy Fox
01/23/2011 Better Together Sharing Lives Together 1 John 1:1-6 Jeff Paschall


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