Our Strategy

We want our church to be more like a river than a lake.  If you jump in a lake, you would typically exit the same place you went in.  If you jump in a river, you will likely exit further down the river than where you went in.  If you jump in and become a part of Venture, it is our desire and intention that you would be moved along to a new place of spiritual growth and maturity.  

How do we see that happening?  We want to see each person ENCOUNTER, EXPERIENCE, and ENGAGE God’s love.  If a person accomplishes these things, we believe they will have moved “down river”.  Our strategy for seeing these things take place in your life is to have you commit to the following things:

Sunday Morning Services 

This is the primary time that we ENCOUNTER what God’s wants for us and what God’s Word has to say to us.  We want you to commit to being here whenever possible on Sunday mornings to ENCOUNTER Him with us.


This is where we EXPERIENCE God’s love in a practical way as we connect and grow together.  This best happens in a small group setting so there is accountability, encouragement, and connectedness with other people who are headed in the same direction.

Ministry Team 

This is where we best ENGAGE God’s love by reaching out to and serving others.  God has given each of us a testimony and a spiritual gift to share with others and it is our desire to see everyone contribute in some way.

We believe that if you will commit to these three things, you will ENCOUNTER, EXPERIENCE, and ENGAGE God’s love.  As a result, you will grow spiritually and see God do some amazing things in your life.  So jump in and let’s move “down river” together!