2nd Grade to 5th Grade

Birth to 1st Grade

KidVenture is where kids of all ages Discover, Experience and Share God’s love. It’s always an adventure with friends, great leaders and the fun, creative ways your kids will learn Bible truths. From Nursery to 1st grade, a welcoming and safe environment is one of our highest priorities. 

Blast is just what it sounds like...a “Blast” for kids and their friends to be at! Lets face it, kids love to have fun. We believe that fun is God’s idea. So at Blast we make sure that we are having fun while kids discover, experience and share God’s love. When you “Blast” something it makes an impact, and that’s exactly what this children’s program will do. It will make an impact on your kids while they’re having an outrageous amount of fun. Blast contains, high energy, music, games, multi media, plus large and small group interactive teaching to communicate God’s truth.